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New Energy

We provide the new energy solution services based on the energy consulting and IT techniques which have developed for many years. Our services are as follows.

Smart Grid Solution

  • Smart grid system integration
  • Energy management system for Smart Grid
  • Electricity transaction system
  • Demand prediction system

Wind Energy Solution

  • Wind resource assessment by using Numerical Weather Prediction model
  • Wind measurement and evaluation
  • Due diligence for wind power business
  • Wind power prediction system
  • Condition monitoring system (CMS)

Solar Energy Solution

  • Solar resource assessment
  • Solar power prediction system
  • Monitoring system of solar power

Weather information services

  • Weather information for Web, CATV,CS
  • Weather information for mobile contents
  • Weather information for energy saving
  • Weather information for heat management

Meteorological solution

  • Weather simulation service using NWP model (LOCALS)
  • Natural disaster analysis (e.g. Typhoon, Tsunami ...etc)
  • Heat island analysis
  • Lightning analysis
  • Aviation weather analysis
  • Cloud amount prediction
  • Ocean wave prediction
New Energy

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