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Disaster Simulation

Where people live, there lurk natural disaster of all kinds, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane surge and flood. In order to minimize damage and protect life, properties and environment, CTC offer analyses, information system developments, and consulting services in disaster prevention.

  • Analyses in prediction simulation of natural disasters
    (Seismic analysis / Tsunami / River flooding / Hurricane surge)
  • System developments in prediction simulation of natural disasters
  • Making disaster prevention plan in local areas, based on methodologies of natural disaster prediction
  • Services and information system developments, based on "Urgent-prompt seismic report"
  • Construction of disaster prevention system, based on Geographic Information System(GIS)
Disaster Simulation Tsunami Simulation of Sumatran Earthquake (M=9.3) in 2004
Disaster Simulation Seismic Simulation of Kanto Earthquake in 1923, based on Hybrid method.