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Geology & Geophysics(G&G) Information Solution

Resource finding and recycle are two wheels to keep and sustain the global environment.

Visualization of G&G information is now the first step to get down to the resource finding business.

Up-to-date visualization helps client to collect, synthesize and then to analyze G&G information.

The visualization also enables active fault probe and geological survey much accessible for public relation.

CTC support client from the onset to the aftercare in dealing with a great deal of complicated data and the integration of optimized IT system with adamant security.

  • Sales and support of Oil&Gas(Halliburton Landmark) software.
  • IT integration of total solution for G&G information.
  • Analyze G&G and Remote Sensing data.
Geology & Geophysics Processing with oil & gas software
Geology & Geophysics e-GeoDB
Geology & Geophysics   Geology & Geophysics
Examples of remote sensing data processing.