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Material Design

CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation) can widely provide the solution service of Material Design, from the molecule calculation (for example, First-principles and Molecule Kinetics) of the nano-scale to the calculation of phase diagram and simulation of microstructure evolution by thermodynamics.


MICRESS® is a microstructure simulation software developed by ACCESS . It is based on Multi-phase-field method, and it allows the calculation of the microstructure evolution during casting and further heat treatments on a sound physical and thermodynamic basis for technical multicomponent and multiphase alloys.

The coupling of MICRESS® and Thermo-Calc was constructed for the thermal simulation of multicomponent alloys consistently in late years.

Material Design results
Material Design Simulation of solidification
in Mg-Y-Zn
Material Design Simulation of solidification
in Fe-C-Mnaa
Material Design Simulation of solidification
in stainless steel
Material Design Simulation of solidification
in Sn-Ag-Cu


This software is for thermodynamic calculations in multicomponent systems.

It is used for calculations of:

  • Phase diagrams
  • Thermochemical data such as enthalpies, heat capacity, and activities
  • Solidification simulations with the Scheil-Gulliver model
  • Assessment of experimental data and so on.
Material Design Material Design
Scheil simulation of the solidification process in Fe-alloys


DICTRA is a software for accurate simulations of diffusion in multicomponent alloy systems. It is coupled with Thermo-Calc for necessary thermodynamic calculations.

Material Design Material Design
Cementite dissolution in a Fe-Cr-C alloy