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Nuclear Analysis & IT

We provide solutions for consultations, safety analysis and system developments in nuclear fields.

Nuclear Analysis Solution

We have expertise on nuclear reactor physics, nuclear reactor engineering, nuclear structural engineering and earthquake-resistant engineering and also have engineers for information technology. For safety analysis we provide solutions using state-of-the-art software introduced from Radiation Information Center in USA and NEA code center in Europe and so on. We also provide solutions for system development in nuclear fields.

Reactor core management business

We have many experiments for nuclear core management in commercial reactors (PWR and BWR), new type reactors (ATR and FBR) and research reactors such as TCA. For example we support utilities in their core managements.

Radiation shielding and Criticality business

We have many experiments for radiation shielding and criticality in nuclear power reactors, nuclear fuel cycle facilities such as nuclear fuel enrichment, intermediate irradiated fuel storage, fuel reprocessing and fuel disposal. For example we support utilities in design of their nuclear facilities.

Software development for light water reactor fuel analysis

We support Japanese nuclear regulation organization in software development for light water fuel analysis.

System development in nuclear fields

We have many experiments for system development in nuclear fields such as Hazard alert system for environmental radioactivity, an educational reactor simulator and a production management of nuclear equipments, based on state-of-the-art information technologies.

Computational Solid & Fluid Dynamics Solution

CTC is a pioneer of computational engineering analysis codes development in Japan. FINAS is a structure analysis cord developed for Fast Breeder Reactor development first in Japan in 1976 by Japan Atomic Energy Agency. We had taken part in the development of FINAS from the beginning. We developed a structure analysis cord FINAS/STAR by ourselves as a succeeding cord of FINAS recently. FINAS/CFD is the CFD cord developed by us in the same way. Both FINAS/STAR and FINAS/CFD are designed to operate on the latest parallel computer and can perform complicated multi physics analysis by linking mutually.