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Seismic Analysis

In recent years, there has been a number of large-scale earthquakes in and around the Japanese Islands and that increases significance of seismic safety evaluation to further degree.
CTC offer seismic damage evaluation in safety code for structure and civil works, including bridges and tunnels. CTC also offer coupling analysis of structural responses and subsurface structure behaviors (including liquefaction).
Furthermore, in order to address architectural structure and subsurface structure in highly complex behavior, we have been doing a large-scale coupling analysis of structural responses and 3-D subsurface structure behaviors.
Also, by doing a large-scale simulation of seismic wave propagation, we search and define seismic input motion, which are required in field of seismic technology and disaster prevention

  • Seismic analysis for building structures and civil engineering, including bridges and tunnels
  • Ground lateral Flow analysis for seawall and dikes
  • Dynamic analysis of reciprocal action of subsurface structures and structures
  • Construction of seismic waves (theoretical method, semi-empirical method)
  • Liquefaction analysis of subsurface structure
  • Simulation of strong motion prediction
Seismic Analysis 10 seconds   Seismic Analysis 30 seconds   Seismic Analysis 50 seconds
Simulation of seismic wave propagation by "GEOWAVE"
Seismic Analysis 3-D subsurface structure model by "SOIL PLUS "
Seismic Analysis Models of subsurface structure and skyscraper in coupling system by "SOIL PLUS "