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Ultrasonic Simulation Software


1) Based on Finite element method

Covering the total applications of ultrasonic testing such as using P-S wave, guide wave, TOFD, creeping wave, Rayleigh wave, etc.

2) Coping with larger scale models

Voxel mesh modeling and parallel computing makes it possible to solve larger scale models of over one billion elements. Also the pre/post process corresponds to those models. Use of GPGPU can accelerate the computation time by more than 20-times.

3) Templates for various types of probe are provided

Vertical probes, angled probes and phased array probes, etc. Especially, in the phased array modeling, automatic delay time setting is available.

4) Material modeling for weldment

Covering the model of anisotropic and heterogeneous materials, like as stainless-steel weldment, which can be modeled by a small crystal structures of less than several ten micro-meter meshes.

5) Powerful post processing tool

The results of simulation are precisely compared with the data of experiment using A-scan and B-scan displays, which make the virtual testing on Personal Computer much more valuable.


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